About Me

I was born on 2/8/12 at 5:07 in the morning at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. My full name is Hollander Jack Alexander Fine (yep, it’s long).

I weighed in at 8 pounds 1 ounce and was 22 inches long. I’m a big kid, but don’t judge.

I love my parents very much!

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  1. Kim Nichol says:

    Sooooooooo cute! And he does look very long in pic #83! He just is adorable!!!!!!!!!!! I almost feel like I was at the hospital with you Sasha and Adam! In that one pic, with his hands by his mouth, was he sucking on his finger? It would be great if he was, because then maybe he could soothe himself………and was that the cabbie looking all weirded-out? Great pictures Fine family, keep them coming…………………Love, Aunt Kim

  2. hjfine says:

    That was our friend Ron who so kindly picked us up from the hospital. I love #83!

  3. Grandma Clark says:

    Dear Sasha,
    Friday the 13th was my lucky day! I recieved the beautiful pictures of all of you. I will try and get some picture gathered up to send you of all of us in Salt Lake. I will mail a note to you in the next few days. I am at Brittany’s house and saw all of these pitcures in the computer, he is just darling. Glad your doing well!


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